Title: The Science

The science may be complicated, but we are not.
At The Fruity Whey, we craft delicious and nutritious blends
from the highest quality ingredients and then cryogenically freeze them (at -320° F) while keeping all of the original moisture content intact. The very small, tight ice crystal lattice created at these ultra-cold temperatures, along with the fact that the processing and freezing are done in a nitrogen rich, oxygen poor environment, helps capture the flavor and nutrients of fruit purée at its freshest point.

Our Facility and Process
Title: 30 Years

How our story started.
This isn’t the first time a fresh approach to an old favorite has occurred in our business history. Over 30 years ago, Curt Jones with the instincts of an entrepreneur and the curiosity of an inventor, forever transformed the way we eat ice cream. 
After experimenting and perfecting the marriage of liquid nitrogen and ice cream in his kitchen, Jones, his wife Kay, and their five-year old daughter Tracey opened the first Dippin’ Dots store in Lexington, Kentucky, on March 18, 1988. With the help of their extended families, hundreds of employees, franchisees and millions of consumers, the next 30 years were spent growing Dippin’ Dots into a worldwide brand landing in malls, fairs, festivals and major theme and water parks around the U.S. — and eventually in 14 other countries. 
Over the past three decades, the Jones family has done more than build a brand; they have touched hearts and created memories, all through something that people are passionate about enjoying and sharing.

Jones Family Photos